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How to Order

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You can enjoy the Omakase Course at home

’’Home Omakase Service '' can be ordered by following the steps below.


In addition, sushi will be prepared from our group's authentic sushi restaurant "Sushi Juban", and soba will be prepared from our group's "Soba Juban".

STEP 1 . 「Hearing」

First of all, we will start by consulting with you.

You can contact to us by phone, LINE, INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK.

After hearing the number of cosutomers, whether the guests are allergic to food, foods that they are not good at, etc., we will select from the Omakase course of this service.

STEP 2 . 「Order」

Once the order details are confirmed, we will confirm the time and place of the day and prepare for the day. It is not necessary for the customer to prepare plates and chopsticks, etc., all will be prepared at our shop.

STEP 3 . 「Delivery Chef」

On the day of the event, the prepared chef will visit the designated place.

Our staff will handle everything from preparation to cooking,

service provision, and cleaning up, so there is nothing for you to prepare, and we hope that you will enjoy your meal slowly.

* We will arrive earlier than the start of the meal specified by the customer. Basically, we will prepare for the start of the meal 30 minutes in advance.

* Transportation fee is charged separately.

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